Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[ORBIS] - Brightspot Market at EX, Plaza Indonesia

Along many other shops such as RVCA, Obey, Nike, and more others. [ORBIS] will open a temporary shop at Brightspot, you can get your limited invitations at our store. The event will start from 6pm-12am at the 30th of April (for those of you who have the invitations), and the 1st to 3rd of May for regular guests, at 12pm-10pm.

We will drop lines of fresh collection, so make sure you're there at Brightspot Market.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ransom and Adidas Originals

Ransom as one of many brands we carry at [ORBIS], is currently under progress of making its collaboration with Adidas Orginals. The on-going collaborative project will present a line of outdoor inspired footwear, made to withstand a rugged lifestyle. The project certainly sounds interesting and we cannot wait to see the collection unfold.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

INCASE, HUF, and DQM - Messenger Bag

With the fixie phase still going strong Incase has teamed up with bike enthusiast Dave Ortiz of DQM and skate nut Keith Hufnagel of HUF to create the ultimate all-in-one messenger bag. Combining two of the scenes most prevalent past times, the bag will keep your board strapped and your bike flash on those long ride trips throughout your city. Working closely with luggage legends Incase, DQM and HUF represent their own city’s steez with snazzy sewn on patches to differentiate the identical design.

‘The original idea was to make a bag for skate/bike trips that could be used to hold a board and some clothes while biking to a skate spot,’ said Ortiz. ‘As we started brainstorming and putting ideas to paper, it really evolved and went further than our original concept,’ added HUF. ‘We wanted to capture the attitudes of our cities in the individual patches that were created for the bag exterior. We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously either, so we just had fun with it,’ said HUF.

San Francisco is represented on the front panel of the HUF Skate Messenger Bag through custom patches with DBC references and HUF’s signature H. DQM pays homage to New York City with a graffiti-laden waterproof interior panel and an exterior panel featuring a sewer rat and a version of the Statue of Liberty. Both bags feature the Incase for HUF and DQM logo wheel patch. The HUF and DQM Skate Messenger Bags have been produced in limited quantities.

HUF and DVS - Doughboy

Today we can give you a closer look at the upcoming collaboration of Huf and DVS on the Doughboy. The canvas sneaker will be coming in five colorways and is simple, yet perfect for the warm days lying ahead. Huf will officially be releasing the sneaker on February 28th.

These rad collaboration of HUF and DVS will be available at [ORBIS] soon. Keep a lookout on this.


Its been in production for a minute and there still isn’t any definitive release date but Sk8face is going to be fresh for sure when its finally done. This is some real OG art shit.

Friday, April 10, 2009

HUF Making Its Way to Japan

Making its transition overseas in 2009, HUF looks towards Japan’s Blackboxx for distribution duties with a full-fledged Japanese release waiting in the wings. 

Winter 2009 looks like it’ll be the adequate launch date to release product to prime accounts within various Japanese retailers, including NexusVII flagship stores. Along with this proper introduction into the Japanese market, HUF will continue their collaborative efforts alongside NexusVII with a clothing collection releasing throughout 2009. 

All the speculation regarding a flagship location in Japan can be put to rest for now. We’ve heard it from the man himself.